This work is one
of many
forms of friendship.

Past and current projects include:

1. Work as an art teacher at Sankofa Academy, a public school in Oakland. This is our art blog: artsankofa.wordpress

2. Art facilitator at the BAM/PFA art lab, a project by David Wilson.

3. Paper shrine workshop with Cat Mahatta (Catherine Mehta) at the Berkeley Art Museum, Saturday June 18th.

4. In September 2015, a show at Human Resources, Los Angeles, with Johanna Jackson.

5. A continuation of the work with Johanna at Portland Museum of Modern Art opens April 9th, The Shadow is Offended.

6. Shapes Collective (a therapy, art, social justice collaborative) has a residency with Satellite Affordable Housing Associates. We are collaborating with residents to make art. Posters for Imaginary Events, our show, is up at
Pro Arts, opening April 21st.